Adelaide Marcus

“Glenn has been a great resource in helping me and my business to develop and grow. What I appreciate most about Glenn’s approach is that he not only wants to impact my business by applying his over 30 years of experience and expertise, but he is intent on actually showing me how to help myself. In this sense he is not a crutch but a teacher. He has openly given me more than enough tools to begin to understand how the world of internet marketing, web optimization and personal branding works.

While I am still wrapping my brain around it, he has been a great a guide at every step of the process. Having his help and trusting his intent, has boosted my business by maximizing my talents. For example, he has helped shift my writing style to target a more direct audience through the use of “keywords” and word placement. Though I have had prior knowledge of such concepts, it wasn’t until Glenn broke it down that I was able to make it my own and put my data to use for my personal benefit.